Be Bella's Buddy is the PREMIERE Doggie Play (Mobile) Group and Pet Networking Club on the Peninsula.

Bella's Buddies are a wide range of breeds and personalities. The smallest is a Shi-Itsu/Bijon, at twelve pounds. The largest is an Australian Sheppard, at sixty-three pounds. Of course, there are a multitude of sizes and weights within this range.

As for personalities, they range from a passive and content leader, to a renegade style running maverick!! The majority of the buddies, are a solid mix of sprinting track stars, sand-digging beach bums, water loving swimmers and the always popular "tag" playing tail chasers.

The Buddies are easy to get along with. Especially, for any family or semi well mannered dog. You should be forewarned: once your dog(s) becomes a buddy, they NEED/DEMAND exercise every day with their new friends! Mild social training is provided for ALL buddies.

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